Although architectural works are often viewed as cultural or political symbols, they can also be considered art -- even fine art. Dutch artist M.C. Escher used a pencil to produce intricate and dramatic light-and-shadow drawings of structures and designs. Raphael Sanzio was a Renaissance painter and architect who painted beautiful structures around his subjects.

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Central Park, Poster
Central Park
Poster - 24" x 36"
Rio De Janeiro, Poster
Rio De Janeiro
Poster - 24" x 36"
Working Together-Rowers, Poster
Working Together-Rowers
Poster - 28" x 22"
City that Never Sleeps, The, Poster by  Visual Comunications
City that Never Sleeps, The
Poster - 24" x 36"
Yankee Boys, Poster
Yankee Boys
Poster - 20" x 16"
Sleeping Above Manhattan, Poster by Charles C. Ebbets
Sleeping Above Manhattan
Poster - 19.8" x 15.8"
Paris Rendevous, Poster
Paris Rendevous
Poster - 24" x 36"
Great Wall of China, The, Poster
Great Wall of China, The
Poster - 11.8" x 35.5"

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