Born in 1922 in New York City, Milton Greene was a world famous fashion photographer and a portrait photographer whose subjects included Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock, Lauren Bacall and many other celebrities. But he is remembered most for his captivating photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

Before Marilyn married Arthur Miller, she lived with Greene and his family in Connecticut and they became friends. During this time he photographed her many times and produced more than 5000 images of the "Blonde Bombshell."

Greene's work is still exhibited around the world and his images -- particularly those of Monroe -- continue to adorn the walls of homes, businesses, and galleries.

Marilyn Monroe, Poster by Milton Greene
Marilyn Monroe
Poster - 12" x 36"
Marilyn in Bed, Poster by Milton Greene
Marilyn in Bed
Poster - 23.5" x 23.5"

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