The term "pulp fiction" is an Americanism from the 1950s. It refers to fiction writing that deals with shocking or sensational topics and which used to be printed on low-quality paper that was made from wood pulp. Pulp Fiction is also the name of a gangster film starring John Travolta, which became the top movie of 1994.

Today the film continues to attract fans on DVD. It has a cult following and its combination of humor, satire, and crime has made a lasting impression on movies and writings that have followed in its wake.

Pulp Fiction - Cover, Poster
Pulp Fiction - Cover
Poster - 21" x 62"
Pulp Fiction - Group, Poster
Pulp Fiction - Group
Poster - 24" x 36"
Pulp Fiction - Jackson and Travolta, Poster
Pulp Fiction - Jackson and Travolta
Poster - 60" x 40"
Pulp Fiction - Uma, Poster
Pulp Fiction - Uma
Poster - 23" x 34"
$15.00 $7.50
Pulp Fiction - Uma, Poster
Pulp Fiction - Uma
Poster - 39" x 55"
Bookie and the Blonde, The, Poster by A. Laby
Bookie and the Blonde, The
Poster - 21.8" x 36"

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