Formed in London in 1965, the English rock band Pink Floyd is known for their early psychedelic and "space rock" music, which later morphed into a progressive brand of music that quickly found its niche in 20th century rock and roll. Besides their eclectic style, the band was known for wild and colorful album covers, many of which have been preserved in collector's prints and posters. The group reached its height of popularity in the mid-to-late 1970s, but they remain a favorite with rock and roll fans all over the world. They have sold over 210 million albums worldwide, including over 74.5 million in the United States alone.
Pink Floyd, 1967, Poster by Dennis Loren
Pink Floyd, 1967
Poster - 19.8" x 13.5"
Pink Floyd - WYWH, Poster
Pink Floyd - WYWH
Poster - 16" x 16"
Pink Floyd - Back Catalogs, Poster
Pink Floyd - Back Catalogs
Poster - 40" x 60"
$21.36 $10.68
Pink Floyd, Poster
Pink Floyd
Poster - 23" x 34"
$15.76 $7.88
Pink Floyd - Prism (oversized), Poster
Pink Floyd - Prism (oversized)
Poster - 55" x 40"
Pink Floyd, Poster by  Anon
Pink Floyd
Poster - 19.8" x 27.5"
Pink Floyd - Echoes (oversized), Poster
Pink Floyd - Echoes (oversized)
Poster - 55" x 40"
Pink Floyd, Poster
Pink Floyd
Poster - 35" x 23"

Pink Floyd Posters and Prints