Fine Peacock

Fine Peacock

Art Print by Tiffany Studios


  • Most recent comment: Larz61 says... (Mar 22, 5:26 PM)
    absolutely STUNNING!!!!
  • NOTE: This print has a border around the image that may not be shown in the image above.
    The paper size is 15.4" x 20" while the image size is 11.4" x 16"
  • This item is an Art Print which means it is a higher-quality art reproduction than a typical poster. Art prints are usually printed on thicker paper, resulting in a high quality finish.

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  • Larz61 says... (Mar 22, 5:26 PM)
    absolutely STUNNING!!!!

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Type: Art Print
Item #: 518752
Paper Size: 15.4" x 20" (approx.)
Image Size: 11.4" x 16" (approx.)
Price: $40.95
Usually ships in 11 to 13 days

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